Committee Only

ClubSite provides for two levels of committee within the club which are referred to as Federal and Branch. Those members identified as Federal Committee (which includes the Membership Registrar) have access to the following for the entire club while those identified as Branch Committee only have access to most reports for their specific branch. There are also options only available at Federal level.

The main option only available at Federal level is the option for setting member access levels in the first place. The available access levels are Registrar, Federal, Branch, Privilege, Normal and Locked. No member can change their own access level. To have access to any of the options below a member needs to have their access level set to Branch or above although the Registrar has access to assign specific access to members with Privileged access. The option also includes a link to display all those with special access (ie Privilege or above). The Lock option is available if you find it necessary to lock a member out of ClubSite for any reason.

letter module optionsThe letter module provides a way for committee members to produce letters on club letterhead for posting to members (or anyone else for that matter). Any common text you use in your letters can be assigned a short code where the associated text will be substituted into letters where ever the short code is entered. Letters can also be tagged making it easy to locate them again to reuse (for example you can save a welcome letter that can be retrieved and printed anywhere when you need a fresh copy to send to a new member to welcome them to your club). The letter will be automatically filled out with the sender's selected signature text and the letter option can also be accessed from pages displaying specific member details in which case the to name and address will be filled in as well. When you finish entering the details for the letter it gets converted to a PDF on your club letterhead.

Member Lookup provides access to look up the Membership Details for any current member (within the branch for Branch level access). This then provides the committee member to perform any action that the member could for themselves vis the Membership Details option including printing a renewal for or latest receipt issued for the member or even renewing the member via Paypal. An extra button appears on the page that the member themselves doesn't see allowing access to the letter module so as to send a letter to the member.

The past member lookup option works the same as the member lookup option except that only past members whose membership details are in the system can be accessed. There is no provision for updating the details which simply display what information was held at the time they ceased to be members.

The Member Reports and Labels options provide a range of reports and labels that can be printed. Exactly which reports and labels will be available depends on your club requirements.

A variety of membership statistics pages including tables of membership numbers and graphs may also be available. As these are built dynamically from the membership records over a period of time, few statistics may be available until you have been using the software for a while.

One that can be used immediately is a chart showing how new members heard about your club.

stats on where your new members heard about your club

Another new member chart compares current year new members by branch with the corresponding new members in the same month last year.

stats comparing new member numbers to the same month last year

Once you have a few years worth of membership data in the system you can get retention reports showing both how many joined in a given month and how many of those are no longer members.

stats comparing new members for a month to the number of those who have since resigned

Note that the exact options available to committee members can be customised to meet the requirements of your club.


To see a demo of how the Member's Area looks for those on the committee use member 17 and password password to access the demo.

Demo Member Area