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Membership Details

The Member Details page displays all of the details that is recorded about the member. This page allows the member to check that the details that is recorded and to make changes.

member information display

The Renewal Form button is active during the renewal period for the member. The button links to a PDF copy of the appropriate renewal or rejoin notice that is customised for that particular member that they can print off to send in with their renewal. The button remains disabled for those members who are not required to renew and will be disabled for renewing members once their renewal has been processed. Note that while the button says "renew" it can also be used by those deemed to have resigned to rejoin the club within a short period after the end of the renewal period.

The Renew Online button will be active for the same period as the Renewal Form button and will provide the member with a means of renewing their membership online using Paypal. For senior members renewing on time they will be given the opportunity to select whether they want to renew for one year or multiple years. The member will then be able to sign in to their Paypal account and make the payment of the required amount. The product code and invoice number passed into Paypal will be used by the IPN processing attached to Paypal to to identify the membership and the period being renewed.

The Latest Receipt/Membership Card button is available for anyone who has been issued a receipt by ClubSite to allow them to print or reprint their membership card. Where the member is a senior member who also has family members the membership cards for their family members will also be included.

Committee members can also access this page for other members (within their branch for branch committee). This allows the committee member to make changes on behalf on their members where the Membership Officer is not available. For committee members accessing this page to look up details for other members an additional 'Write a Letter To' button will appear below the receipt/member card link.

member and committee notes

Member Lookup

The Member Lookup option allows the members of the committee to look up the membership details for a specific member. You can either enter part of the member's name or their membership number.

selecting a member

Note that once a Member has been selected their membership number will automatically appear in the Member Number field on this page and all other pages using this same selection form. That makes the selection of the same member from different pages easier as it is not necessary to remember and re-key the membership number when swapping between options (this is mainly for the use of the membership officer since most of the other pages using this selection form are in the Registrar section of the Member's Area. Note also that if both a partial last name and member number are both entered then the last name will be used. This saves having to clear the member number field to do a new search.

If a partial name is entered then a list of all of the members whose names contain that text will be displayed.

If a membership number is entered and that person is no longer a member of the club then the following message will be displayed:

Member 9999 not found in the database. Either the person who was allocated this number is no longer a member or the number has not yet been allocated.
If the person you are looking for was a member in 20xx or later you may be able to find them by doing a... Past Member Lookup

If the member doing the lookup is on a branch committee and the member selected is in a different branch then the following message will be displayed.

Member 9999 is not in your state. Either the member has moved interstate or the member was not in your state in the first place.

Where the member selected is still a member of the club (and in the appropriate branch for branch level requests) then the Member Details page will be displayed showing the details for the requested member. There will be a couple of differences from what the member themselves would see if they were to login and view their details.

  1. The change email address option will be disabled - only the member can change their email address.
  2. The email address itself will only be displayed to Federal Committee members. If branch Committee members are accessing the page then the email address will be replaced with a line of asterisks.

The Change Address button can be used by branch and federal Committee members to update the address details for most members. Note that if a branch Committee member updates an address to a different state then they will no longer be able to access that member's details in the lookup after they exit from the address page.

Only the membership officer has access to update addresses where other countries are involved as the suburb, postcode, and country fields do not have the same level of validation applied to them when a country other than the default is entered.

The Add/Update Notes button underneath either the Branch or Federal Notes section will allow branch and Federal Committee members to update the notes that their committee has associated with the particular member.

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