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Add a Publication

This page provides two forms. The first form (Files) is used to upload publications.

With the main publication there are two files to upload - the publication itself in PDF format and a 200 x 283 JPG image of the front cover. For any other publications only the PDF for the publication itself needs to be uploaded.

the two forms for uploading publications and adding them to the index

The second form (Add to Index) is used to add the publication to the article/file search index so that members will be able to search for articles contained within the publication.

For the mail publication the new issue will not show up at all until after both files have been uploaded and the publication added to the index. Adding other publications to the index is optional as they will show as soon as they have loaded.

Once the publication has been selected, the year/month and issue number of the new publication also need to be entered into this form and the Add button pressed. The issue will then be added to the search index to allow articles to be added by anyone who has access to update the search tables.

With the main publication, entries will also be written for all members who have requested to be notified so that emails can be sent to them advising that the latest issue of the main publication is now available online.

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