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Change Address

This page allows the member to enter their change of address details.

Note that the address field allows either one or two lines of address to be entered. Where the address is split onto two lines this will indicate where the address should be split when printing labels. Where the address is too long it will wrap when printing labels anyway and so this just allows the point at which the break occurs to be changed. Care needs to be taken that if the address has a forced line break in it that neither of the two lines will wrap. The line break (but not line wraps) will also be applied when printing the address on receipts. Most reports will ignore the line break.

update address form

Committee members can also use this page to update the address for those members without internet access. The membership officer/registrar may also change the country.

This page is not available for those members residing outside of the default country for the club. For those members this page is only accessible by membership officer/registrar.

There may also links at the bottom of this page to allow either a lookup of all Suburbs for a particular postcode or all postcodes for a Particular Suburb. Members may find the Suburb lookup option useful for determining the correct name for their Suburb as allocated by the post office.

links to get correct suburb and postcode

If you open these links in a new tab then it will make it easier to return to the address page to finish updating the address.

Postcode Lookup

select a postcode

The postcode lookup page allows members to look up the correct spelling of suburb names. Simply enter a postcode and press the "list suburbs" button and a list of all of the suburbs belonging to that postcode will be displayed allowing the correct spelling of the suburb name to be used.

list of suburbs sharing the postcode

Some members have been known to misspell the name of their own suburb and the address entry options in the membership system will only accept suburb/state/postcode combinations that are recognised by Australia Post (for Australian addresses - if your default country is not Australia then this option may not be available).

Suburb Lookup

select a suburb

This option works similar to the postcode lookup except that it allows the suburb name to be entered and will display a list of the valid postcodes for that suburb name.

list of postcodes

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