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Member Access Status

To use this option either enter part of the member's name or their membership number and then select which of the actions you want to perform. Where part of a name is entered all of the members whose names match will be listed so that you can then select the one you want to update.

As with the other pages using this form to select a member, the Member Number will be filled in with the last Member selected if a prior selection has been made.

The "All Special" link will list everyone who currently has a member access level other than Normal.

Setting someone's membership level to Privileged does not assign any special privilege pages to the member but does add the link to the Member Update page that allows the membership officer (Registrar) to assign privileges. Privileges can also be given to anyone having a higher level of access.

selecting a member to change their access level

This option allows members of the Federal Committee to set the level of access that individual members have in the member's area. The available access levels are:

  1. Normal provides regular members with access to the general part of the member's area.
  2. Locked allows an individual member's access to the member's area to be turned off.
  3. Privileged provides regular members with access to additional reports not available to all other regular members. When a member has this level of access an extra Privileges button appears at the bottom of the Member Update screen displaying their data to allow the membership officer to assign the extra privileges.
  4. Branch CoM provides access to the Branch reports with limited access to information about members outside of the state.
  5. Federal CoM provides access to the Branch reports without the branch level restrictions as well as to this option allowing them to change the status of any member except themselves and anyone with Registrar access. (This ensures that at least one member will always have Registrar access).
  6. Registrar provides access to the membership officer functionality necessary to maintain the club's membership records. Members with this access can use this option to update the status of anyone except themselves.
changing a member's access level

To reassign registrar access to a new membership officer a member of the Federal Committee other that the new membership officer must first use this screen to update the status of the new membership officer to Registrar. The new membership officer can then change the status of the old membership officer as appropriate.

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