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Member Update

This option works similarly to the Member Lookup option available to branch and Federal Committee members except that this page allows the membership details to be updated and not just displayed. The member to be updated is selected exactly the same way as for the member lookup option.

selecting a member to update

The menu displayed below the select member option is defined via the web access option available to the administrator and is called "updmem".

As with other similar pages the member number of the last selected member is transferred across making it easier for the Registrar to access different functions for the same member.

Note that honorary members are not automatically renewed each year. The Member Update option should be used to update the end date for any continuing Honorary members in early July of each year. For any members who are not having their honorary status extended for another year then this option should be used in early July to change their membership type from Honorary back to Senior.

the main member update option allows the membership officer to update most of the information about a member

The status field can be set to Financial, Unfinancial, Not Renewing, Resigned or Deceased. The field is automatically changed to Unfinancial on the renewal due date for those members yet to renew. It is automatically changed to Resigned at the end of the grace period for those who still haven't renewed. Resigned members are automatically archived into the oldmember table after a further period that can be set by the Administrator. Members who advise that they are not renewing will be automatically resigned and archived on the due date. Only financial members should have their status changed to Not Renewing. Any members whose status is manually changed to Resigned or Deceased will be immediately archived.

There is also a Change Address button at the bottom of this page which provides access to the same change address page as can be accessed from the About You page (which is also accessible via member Lookup). Family members addresses will be changed automatically when the address of the senior member they are associated with is updated. For Privileged members there is also a button to set what privileges that the individual member has.

A separate form allows the club officials to be set using a drop down list. One member can be assigned to each entry in the drop down to indicate which member has that job. Where a single member holds two or more jobs they can be selected one after the other from the drop down. The drop down list displays one of the jobs the member holds. If the blank entry at the top of the list is selected then the member will be removed from all jobs they are currently attached to and so you will need to re-add any jobs they still hold if you are removing a job. The easiest way to change who holds a given job is to allocate the job to the new member, this will automatically remove the prior holder of the job. Where there are multiples of the same job then there are number suffixes to keep each position unique.

Where the member has a status of senior + family, honorary, paid life or honorary life all of that member's family members will be listed at the bottom of the page along with an additional button allowing access to the add family members page. Where family members are added for honorary, paid or honorary life members the family members will be flagged as honorary family. Family members can be updated using the button containing their membership number.

A separate section following the list of current family members will lost any archived entries for family members to assist in determining who the family members are supposed to be when a member switches from senior to senior+family and doesn't list any family members.

NOTE that if a senior member wants to change to senior + family when they renew their membership it will be necessary to change their membership type here BEFORE renewing their membership as otherwise their receipt will show the wrong membership type (well you can change it afterwards before printing the receipt if you forget but then the amount field for the renewal will default to the wrong value and will need to be updated as well.. The new family members should be added AFTER processing the renewal as their receipts to be automatically generated when their details are entered.

The member, branch, and federal notes (if any) are also displayed below that with an option to be able to update any of them.

the notes options are at the bottom of the update screen

Changing from Senior to Senior With Family

To perform this changeover at renewal time it is simply a matter of first using the Member Update option to change the membership type, then renew the member entering the correct fee that they paid and then finally returning to the Update Member option to use the Add Family Member option to add the new family member(s). If they forgot to specify their family members and a resigned spouse is listed then their spouse can be entered as a new family member (as can any resigned student family members still under 19). Resigned family should not be reinstated in this situation.

To change at a later date means that the difference in the fee needs to accompany the request to add the family member(s) and a slightly more involved series of steps needs to be followed so as to both add the family member and correctly receipt the payment. To do this you first use the Update Member option to change the Membership Type and then the Add Family Member option to add the family member(s) - or you can reinstate resigned family members who resigned this year where the member simply forgot to renew their family members this year until they got the reminder that they had not done so that automatically displays on receipts. Next go into Receipting and use the Receipt Correction option specifying the Membership number of one of the family members just added so as to correct their receipt by changing the amount and payment type to reflect the additional payment made.

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