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Privileged Members

Where a member has a status of Privileged then there is a separate screen allowing those privileges to be set.

All of the privileges defined for the club will display on this page as a separate form for each privilege with a checkbox to set whether or not the person has that privilege and an update button to apply the change if the checkbox is updated.

The first option listed has a special meaning in that anyone whose membership level is set to "privileged" and who has this option set will ONLY be able to see the other privilege pages that are checked for their access and will NOT be able to see the options at the top of the menu. This option can be useful for giving non-members access to perform a function on behalf of the club.

the option that limits someone to just specific functions

Examples of privileges that can be set via this option is to give ordinary members access to specific pages that are usually only accessible to committee members and to assign forum and gallery moderators.

setting moderator access and giving access to a standards forum

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