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Renewal Processing

To use this option either enter part of the member's name or their membership number and then select which of the actions you want to perform. Where part of a name is entered all of the members whose names match will be listed so that you can then select the one you want to update. As with all the member update screens the member number is transferred between screens, clicking on the member number selects the entire field for over-typing, and tabbing out of the last name field automatically blanks out member number. The page that first displays also provides links for displaying PDFs of the renewal form either with a box where the label is to be attached or with the member names and addresses already filled out.

selecting the member to be renewed

This option allows members and complete families of members to be quickly renewed. For those members who are yet to renew for the current year options will appear below their name allowing a selection of renewing them for one year or three, entering the amount they paid and how they paid it. If they have family members than their family members will be listed immediately below their entry and there will be a checkbox allowing you to select whether their family members are to be renewed at the same time. The amount field will be prefilled with the most likely payment amount for their renewal but should be over-typed if they are renewing for three years, are not renewing family members, or have made a donation along with their renewal.

The unlabelled input field following the payment type dropdown allows comments to be added to the receipt. The comment entered here will be printed both on the receipt and on the receipt record list and the field should be used to indicate the reason for any variation from the expected fee.

Any Federal Notes associated with the member will also be displayed so if there was an issue with a member's renewal last time that appropriate action can be taken this time.

the member details of the member (and any family members) to be renewed

The appropriate end dates for the member (and any family members) will be automatically updated based on the number of years selected (and the age of any family members). If the members are listed as unfinancial, not renewing (where they changed their mind) or resigned then their membership status will also be automatically updated back to Financial. The receipt numbers issued will be reported as each member is renewed (making it easy to record them on the printed renewal form and the back of cheques and money orders).

NOTE that if a member is changing from Senior to Senior + Family then their renewal should NOT be processed until the membership type on the senior member has been updated from senior to senior + family. You can then process the renewal and have the receipt automatically created correctly. If the membership type for the senior member is not updated first then the information on their membership card will have the wrong member type (this can be corrected afterwards but it does mean that the fee paid will definitely need to be updated during the renewal process and so making the change that way around involves more work as well as the possibility of printing the receipt with the wrong details).

Also NOTE that the new family members should NOT be added until after the renewal is processed as the receipts for the new members will be generated as the new members are entered and adding the new family members before renewing the Senior member will result in a doubling up of receipts for those new members (one for the period before the renewal and another for after).

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