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New Member Entry

This page allows ALL of the information needed to add a new senior or student member into the system. The next available membership number will be automatically be filled in however that can be changed if necessary. The details from their membership application can then be entered into this form to add them to the membership list. A receipt will be automatically generated and can be printed from the Receipts processing. As there will generally be few new members to process at the same time the receipt number does not get displayed when the member is processed the way it does during the renewal processing so you will need to wait until you print the receipts before adding the receipt number to any printed record of their application.

the screen for entering new members where they haven't already entered all the details themselves

Validations that will be performed on the new member to be added (apart from the individual field validations) include:

  • checking that the membership number has not already been allocated to another member
  • warning if another member by the same name is a current member and asking for confirmation that this is not a duplicate
  • checking if a member by the same name resigned at the end of the prior membership year so as to give the opportunity to reinstate them with their prior membership number and start date
  • checking if a member with the same name was ever a past member who had their access to the member's Area locked before their resignation (which if this is the same member means that the application should be referred to the Federal Committee to see if they want to allow that member to rejoin).

Note that only Senior, Senior with Family, Student, and reciprocal membership types can be selected for new members. Apart from Family Members (who are attached to a Senior with Family Member) these are the only membership types that can be allocated to new members. Where Reciprocal is selected no receipt will be generated.

Where senior, student, or reciprocal member is selected and the member has been successfully added the system will return to the previous new member page.

Comments should reflect the reason why the payment differs from the expected fee for the membership and will be printed both on the receipt and the receipt audit trail.

Where senior + family is selected then the family member add page will be displayed.

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