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New Member Processing

The menu at the top of this page allow access to add new members who do not already have an entry for them lower on the page as well as access to the current new member application form. Up to two different new member forms will be accessible depending on the time of year.

links for adding new members manually and for printing current and future application forms

The new members page automatically lists all those senior and student members who have joined via Paypal who have yet to have their application processed (along with their addresses). To process these applications all that is necessary is to enter the membership number that has been allocated to the new member as well as identifying whether the member is male or female and then press the Add button. Provided that there are no errors or warnings detected (such as your already having manually added the member or there being another member with the same name) the member will be automatically added to the membership list and a receipt will be generated that can be printed from the Receipts processing. As there will generally be few new members to process at the same time the receipt number does not get displayed when the member is processed the way it does during the renewal processing so you will need to wait until you print the receipts before adding the receipt number to any printed record of their application.

members who have joined via paypal waiting to have their membership number issued

NOTE that where there are Paypal new members to be processed a message advising of this appears at the top of the home page for the Membership Officer. While the membership officer receives emails advising of all new members who have paid through Paypal these can easily get overlooked during the renewal period where similar emails are also sent for each Paypal renewal (where no further action by the membership officer is usually required).

Further down the page is another section laid out similar to the Paypal section labelled "Online Forms". This section shows the details for those people who have filled out their new member application online and then printed the form to send with their cheque or money order. When a form is received that has a barcode in the bottom left corner simply locate the entry showing the same Form Code number as the number adjacent to that barcode and use the Add button on that entry. The page to add the new member will then be displayed with most of the information already filled in. You then just need to enter the payment method and check the amount received at the bottom of the page instead of having to enter all of the information manually.

members who filled out the form online but didn't pay using paypal waiting to be processed when their form and payment are received

If a senior member who joined via Paypal or who filled out their form online also has family members then the Add Family Member page will then display for each family member to allow their membership numbers and sex to be entered.

For senior and student members who paid by cheque, money order, or cash, and who do not appear in the "Online Forms" section, select the "Add New Member" link to display the page to enter their details. It also appears for those who filled out the online form (with most of their details already filled in) and for new members who joined through Paypal if there are any error messages to display (such as the club already having a member with the same name).

At the very bottom of the page is yet another section showing pending Paypal payments. This section can usually be ignored as it should generally only show entries while Paypal is waiting for the payment to clear with the new member's bank. Only if the entry continues to appear here after the Paypal payment has been approved (indicating that the site has failed to record the payment properly by moving the entry to the Paypal payments section) should the entry be processed from here and only after checking that Paypal has recorded the payment as approved.

new members with pending paypal payments

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