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Update Membership Fees

This page allows the membership rates that will be used by Paypal and the renewal forms to be set/updated.

select year for rates

The first thing you need to do is to select the year for which the membership fees are to be updated and press the Go button. Valid years to enter are this year, next year, and the year after next. The option will default to this year during the first half of the year and next year in the second half of the year.

definition of codes

The codes at the top right indicate the months to which the New Member codes apply as well as the months at the start of the following year that are included for part year new memberships. With the exception of part year new memberships in the months listed all other new memberships and renewals that use the specified prices will be in the year prior to the year entered above. In other words the year specified is that in which new memberships and one year renewals will expire.

rates for a membership type

If rates are already defined for the year then those rates will be displayed. They can then be updated as required and the Update button used to save the changes.

update and rollover buttons

To avoid having to retype all of the rates for the following year the Rollover button can be used to copy the currently displayed rates for the following year. Note that if amounts for the following year already exist when a prior year is rolled over then those amounts will be overwritten by the new amounts - you should consider whether this is what you want before performing a rollover. Note that rates for the following year must be set before the end of the last month listed next to Part Year as new members joining via Paypal after that will require those rates to be set in order for the Paypal processing to function correctly.

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