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Create Manual Receipt

This page allows receipts to be manually added.

As new member receipts are automatically added when the new member is entered and renewal receipts are automatically added when the member is renewed via the renewal screen or paypal there will seldom be a need to enter receipts via this page.

One example of when this page would need to be used would be if a member needs to be renewed at a different time than usual (ie. when the renewal option is not normally available) and so cannot have their renewal processed through the regular renewal process (and has the end date updated via the member update option instead).

the manual receipt entry form

The New/Renew field has an Add Family option that can be used if a member forgot to renew their family members and sends the amount for the difference afterwards. This allows the receipt to be issued to the senior member while still leaving their original renewal receipt attached to their membership as their latest membership card.

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