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Receipt Correction

This option is used to make corrections to an existing receipt.

As a first step the membership number of the member for whom the receipt that contains the error belongs must be entered.

selecting the member number

If the receipt has already been printed on an audit report then a message to that effect is displayed and the receipt may not be updated.

If the receipt has already been printed then a warning message to that effect is displayed but the receipt details may still be updated. This allows a receipt where errors are discovered after printing the receipt to be corrected and reprinted. It relies on the Membership Registrar paying attention to the warning message to not update the details for a receipt that has already been sent.

the receipt correction form

Where updating of the receipt is permitted a form identical to the manual entry form will be displayed but with the current values for the receipt already filled in. The values can then be corrected and saved.

Move Receipt

The 'Move Receipt' option provides a way to move a receipt to a different member if it was accidentally processed against the wrong member in the first place. The move is done based on the member number and the latest receipt will be moved to the new member and the previous invoice restored to the old member.

You need to select the member the receipt to be corrected first by selecting the member it was incorrectly attached to. This will display the receipt's current status to help decide whether to proceed with moving it or not and identifies the receipt to be moved if you decide to proceed.

Note that at least two receipts must exist on the old member in order for the move to be permitted. Note also that the to date is transferred across and does not necessarily reflect the to date that should have applied to the member the receipt really belongs to (although it normally would).

Only the member number on the receipt and the receipt and end dates on the two members are affected.

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