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Membership Counts

The Membership Counts page displays a series of tables showing membership counts by membership type and branch. The first table shows counts of all of the financial membership of the club. These counts are automatically generated from the current membership data. Just which columns show will depend on what branches you have defined.

a table of membership counts

The "other" column includes anyone who is not a member of a specific branch and the "other" row includes honorary members and any membership types where the members are not required to renew.

If members are required to renew within a short time (for example the next two months) then a second table will display a count of those required to renew.

If there are any unfinancial members then another table will display the total membership counts including both financial and unfinancial members.

Below the automatically generated counts are three further sets of counts showing the corresponding membership counts at the end of last month (except on 1st of the month when the prior month counts are shown) and for the start and end of the corresponding month last year.

These stats are automatically saved by a job which is run automatically on the 1st of each month.

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