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Member Email Addresses

The email addresses listed on this report are the most recent email address that has been received for the specified member. Only in the case of those who have actually logged in to the member's area can we be reasonably confident that the email address shown is actually correct (which is why the email addresses are concealed on the Member Lookup page).

The only use for these email addresses which we are assuming has been granted by the email owner is to allow them to gain access to and use the membership area and to send them reminders that their membership is due to be renewed. Use of these email addresses for other purposes should be kept to a minimum (eg. you may send the member one email requesting permission to send them other material but unless they grant that permission, further emails should not be sent). In particular, no use should be made of these addresses where the member has opted out of receiving emails (via the privacy option these are clearly marked with Do Not Email at the right of the entry).

member email addresses

If renewal reminder emails are returned as undeliverable then the membership officer can use the Member Update option to flag the email address as "bounced".

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