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Letter Fragments

To make creating letters easier the module allows you to create letter fragments. These can be anything from a short phrase to several paragraphs that are attached to a short code that can be typed into any letter where you want that text to be included. These can be set up either specific to your branch or can be shared with the other branches. Simply typing one of these codes into the content of your letter will automatically insert the content of the fragment into the letter in place of the code. If you do not have JavaScript enabled you will need to press the Save button to apply these expansions.

the letter frragment input/edit screen with a couple of sample fragments at the bottom

The letter fragments screen (accessed from the bottom of the letter search screen or the top left of the create letter screen) allows you to pre-load text for use in multiple letters. Simply enter a short code and the content you want to use in letters.

The content can be anything from a short phrase through to several paragraphs of text that you will be able to insert into any letter simply by typing a semi-colon followed by the short code followed by a hyphen in the spot in the letter where you want to substitute the text associated with the code.

These letter fragments are accessible to any member of your committee and if you tick the share checkbox at the top of the screen they will also be available to be used by committee members from other branches. Note that these fragments can only be updated by members of the originating committee even where they are shared.

By setting up letter fragments containing the phrases and paragraphs that you regularly use in the letters you send on behalf of the association you can make it extremely easy to include this content in your letters. Gone are the days of having to open another letter that contains the content you want and then copy and paste the desired content, instead you just type in a few simple characters that identifies the letter fragment to be inserted.

Note that the identifying codes are common across all branches so where you create a fragment that you don't share the short code you use will not be accessible for use by the other branches. Please keep this in mind when choosing codes for internal branch use only. To get a list of all of the letter fragments currently available for your use simply print the page where you entered them. The page is set up so that only the list of codes and corresponding values will print.

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