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Letter Defaults

The first thing you need to do is to set up your default return address, greeting and signature. To do this you need to go into Letters and select to Create a Letter. As you don't yet have your defaults set this option will take you into the screen to set up your defaults instead of the one for creating a letter.

the defaults screen allowing a member to set their details for all letters

The defaults screen will be filled in with your name, home address and some default values for the greeting, date format and signature. You can change any of these. Instead of your name you may want to use your job title within the Association. Instead of your home address you may wish to substitute the branch PO Box. You can use whatever you like as the greeting at the top of your letters, if the greeting contains %n then the person's first name will be copied from the 'to name' field into that position when the letter is generated.

The initial values are saved automatically when this screen loads so you only need to press Save if you make changes. Note that you can return to this screen at any future time to change your defaults using a link under the 'from address' in the screen for creating a letter. Also note that you can override these defaults when necessary for specific letters (for example if you are sending a letter on behalf of another member of the committee).

The 'from member' defaults are the one part of the letter module that is specific to the individual members using the system.

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