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Letter Search

The letter search screen makes it easy for you to search for copies of letters previously created through the letter module. The search option provides you with full access to all of the letters created by any member of your committee but does not provide access to any of the letters created by any of the other committees.

the main letter search screen

When searching for letter templates use the tag field to enter part of the tag that was entered with the template letter when it was first created. You can also use the tag field with any important letters that you know you will need to find again to make locating them easier.

For letters that are not tagged the easiest way to find them again is to enter a from and to date range within which you know the letter was created (this is the actual create date and not the date on the letter itself) along with a part of the name of the person it was addressed to.

Any letters matching the search criteria will be displayed with the tag (if any) on the top line and the create date, to name (if any) and three buttons on a second line. These buttons are print, copy and update.

the results of a search

If print is selected then the letter will be displayed in PDF format (note that this does not save the letter again the way that the generate option on the letter screen does). If update is selected then the entire letter including the recipient details and tag will be loaded into the letter screen allowing it to be edited and re-saved using the original create date. If copy is selected then the letter excluding the recipient detail will be loaded into the letter screen where it will then be treated as if it were a new letter.

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