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Blog Entries

This option handles the creation and editing of the "notices" that appear on the member's Area home page (and the blog archive).

the add/edit blog entry form

Entries can be made that will display for all members accessing the Member's Area (including those who recently resigned) or alternatively only to those members of the committees who have access to the Branch reports.

sample blog entry with edit/delete options

To change an existing blog entry locate the entry in the list and select 'edit'. Entries can also be deleted via the 'delete' button or hidden for later use by editing them and setting the validation value to '1'.

With JavaScript enabled the main text area uses TinyMCE to make it easier to post entries without needing to know HTML. The buttons across the top allow you to style the text as bold, italic or underline and to choose the colour of the text. There are also options for adding links, images and video. Note that images need to be somewhere on the web that is accessible such as the Gallery and the video option has been set up to work with YouTube videos.


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