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This page provides access to all of the membership reports. When first selected, a list of the available membership reports is presented allowing the particular report required to be selected. Note that the reports listed under selection criteria can be customised to suit the requirements of the club. Please contact us if you want another a report that isn't listed.

sample report selection criteria

The output types are fixed. You can output the report as a PDF, in one of two HTML formats or one of two CSV formats.

The Date Joined from and to dates can be used to restrict the list to just those members who joined between the specified dates (inclusive). If entered the dates must be in CCYY-MM-DD format. If either or both are omitted then the report will not apply that boundary test and all members who meet the other criteria will be included.

If you have two levels of committees set up then the state dropdown list will not appear for branch level committee members as they are restricted to getting reports for their branch only.

In each case the reports usually follow the same general layout with only minor substitutions of individual fields that are specific to individual reports but reports can include any of the member and member address fields where appropriate.

For all reports except "Changed Address" reports the list of members shown to Branch Committee members are restricted to those members who reside in their particular branch. The Changed Address report shows all members irrespective of where they reside but is limited to those members who have changed their address within the last two months. This report shows all members who have moved within those two months so that branches can see when members may have switched branches.

Members of the Federal Committee may also select to restrict any of these reports to a specific state or territory or may select to display overseas members only. Who gets included in these reports may not exactly match branch level reports where members belong to a branch not in the same state as where they live.


sample PDF report

HTML Narrow layout

sample 54 entry per page report

HTML wide layout

sample 108 entry per page report

CSV to copy/paste

sample comma separated values to copy/paste

CSV Download

CSV download dialog box

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