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The forum used in the Member's Area is a modified version of the open source miniBB script. Everything in miniBB relating to registering, logging in, banning members etc has been removed and the script has been rewritten so that all club members automatically have access and no one who is not a member can access the forum. The script has also been rewritten so that the forum administrator and forum moderators can be controlled from the Member's Area rather than being hard coded. Moderators are set vis the Privilege option and the membership officer acts as administrator with access to define the forums and who will have access.

The forum script has also been updated to use database calls that are not flagged as obsolete and also all of the JavaScript he original script used has been replaced by more modern code including linking in the tinyMCE editor to make it easier to format your posts.

As a result of these changes the script is no longer fully compatible with miniBB but is a significantly more modern script than the one upon which it is based. The miniBB script was chosen as a starting point because of the ease of integrating it into our member's area without having to write an entire forum script from scratch. It also provided al of the forum functionality straight away so that only a small amount of time needed to be spent on getting rid of the most obsolete code within the script (the original authors have no interest in bringing their code into the 21st Century but he open source licence on the script allows us to modify it as much as we need to).

Note that he use of these two scripts as a starting point has made the creation of the forum much quicker than would have been the case if it were created from scratch (the way most of the rest of the Member’s Area has been) but means that he source code is not written the way that it would have been as an integral part of the Member’s Area. This may make it harder to implement changes to the forum in the future as the exact functioning of the existing code will need to be analysed before commencing the change.


list of example forumsDefining forums is done via a separate option in the member's area. The miniBB script has been modified to remove all of the administrator pages and to have the scripts that define the visibility and access to the forums moved into the database.

Forums can be defined as single thread so that all replies must be added to the existing thread. Forums can also be defined with restricted access so that only members with certain access levels or privileges can see them. You can also define moderator groups that define which privilege members need to have to act as moderator for specific forums.

The club's membership officer has administrator access to the entire forum regardless of their membership number.

All of the forums that the individual member has access to are displayed in a list at the right of the forum home page.


Because the forum has been integrated into the Member's Area there are a number of options from the original miniBB script hat have been removed. The Register option along with the signin and signout options have al been removed because al members of the club are automatically registered for the forum and all are signed in to the forum as long as they are in the Member's Area. The option to edit your profile has also been removed as what profile information we have that is relevant is already able to be updated through other options in the Member's Area. The link to the miniBB manual has also been removed as it deals almost entirely with setting up miniBB and does not cover using it at all.

the forum main menu

The main options that have been retained from the original script are the Forums option and the Search option. The Reply option at he top will take you to the bottom of the current thread where you can then enter your reply.

menu options on a post

The options that can be applied within forum threads have all been retained but the exact operation of the Reply and Quote links has changed in order to work with the integration of tinyMCE for the edit post option. The Reply option will add the membership number of the member who made the post you are replying to at he top of your post to identify whose post it is you are replying to. The quote button will copy their entire post into yours as a quote at he top of the post. You can then remove whatever parts of the text are not needed so as to clearly identify what you are replying to.

the tinyMCE editor can be used for posting a reply to a post

For your own posts (all posts for moderators) the Edit button allows you to change the post within a limited time after you first posted it.

The tinyMCE edit box allows you to see almost exactly how your post will look as you type it. The undo and redo buttons at he left of the toolbar only function when there is content hat can be undone or redone. The B and I buttons allow you to enter bold and italic text respectively (if your browser doesn’t support JavaScript you so that you don’t see the toolbar you can surround the content in [b] [/b] or [i] [/i] to achieve the same result. The quote button allows you to enter additional quotes to the one already copied in using the quote link next to a prior post. The link and unlink buttons allow you to insert links to elsewhere on the web or to remove the link from existing content and the image button allows you to link to images that have been loaded elsewhere on the web such as those in the photo gallery. Finally the <> button allows you to see what he code you entered into the tinyMCE editor would need to look like if you were going to enter it with JavaScript off.

To use the link button to link to a page within the Gallery you need to first go to the gallery page (right click on the menu entry to open the gallery in a new tab) and then copy the address from the address bar of the page you want o link to. You can then past that as the address of your link. To link to other file types you need to upload the file first using the upload option at the bottom of the article search and then right click on the new link to your file and copy the address of the file from there and then paste it as the link in your forum post.

Note that he forum has been set up to require al subjects and posts to be at least ten characters long excluding quotes to help ensure that posts that do not contribute to the discussion are excluded. The checkbox below the edit box allows you to subscribe to the current thread which means that you will receive an email to let you know whenever someone makes a further post o the thread. You can subscribe or unsubscribe from individual threads whenever you chose.

the bottom of a thread the way moderators see it

Moderators also have a row of additional links across the bottom of the thread below the 'Post Message' button that allows them to lock the thread, move the thread (if it is considered more appropriate for a different forum) or to make the thread sticky (where it stays attached to the top of the list of threads instead of being bumped down by subsequently posted threads) if it is considered to be of significant interest.

At the very bottom of the page is an option allowing you to switch forums from any forum page.

None of the miniBB add-ons have been used and so none of the extra options that are provided by those add-ons are available.

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