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Paypal Log

This page provides an audit trail of ALL Paypal new member and renewal purchases in reverse order. The report includes current and past members as well as anyone who started but did not complete the process of joining. The report is split into three sections across the page.

  1. The first column is the Invoice Number which ties the Paypal and Membership data together. Every time a new member is entered or a renewal request is made the system generates an invoice number which is then attached to the new or current member info and also is passed to Paypal for Paypal to use as the receipt number. It is when Paypal passes this number back to the system after processing the payment that the system is able to identify which member the payment is for and to update their membership details accordingly. For all entries added in the past four months this field will display as a form button. When clicked on it will connect directly to the full member details for renewals and to a list of members with a matching first and last name for new memberships (as the member number is not added until long after the paypal processing is finished). Typically only one member will be listed but if you have more than one member with the same name you should be able to tell which member the payment belongs to from their join date. Note that there is no link for family members as they do not join or renew separately.
  2. The second section is the Paypal information recorded by the system. This information includes:
    • Transaction Id of the Paypal Transaction (if it has been processed by Paypal)
    • Item code and description that identify what the payment is for.
    • Amount paid and currency
    • Discount Code - this will be blank for new memberships and renewals.
    • Quantity will always be 1 for new memberships and renewals.
    • Payment Date and Time (showing using the timezone of the Paypal server) of when the payment was processed
    • Payer name indicating whose Paypal account was used to make the payment.
    • Payer email address
    • Purchase date in the format CCYYMMDDHHMMSS
    • Serial Number allocated by the purchase - this is derived from the item code and invoice number.
    • Timestamp indicating exactly when the log entry was first created.
  3. The third section is the information about the member that the payment information is for. This information includes:
    • Payment Status - this can be F (displayed new member form), blank (awaiting processing), P (payment pending), D (processed), or X (cancelled) for new members and can be blank (no renewal on the system), P (payment pending) or Y (renewed) for existing members.
    • Member Name
    • Member Type
    • Member Address
    • Member Phone Number
    • Member Email address

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