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Photo Gallery

The Gallery home page displays all of the top level albums within the gallery. Each album can either be a selection of photos by a given person - the owner of both the album and all the contents - or it can be a collection of photos that were not all taken by the same person.

example of how albums in the gallery can look

Each album can optionally display a thumbnail of one of the photos contained within the album.

The options that each individual has for interacting with the gallery will depend on whether they have moderator access to the gallery or on whether they own the album or photo. Available options are listed in a menu across the top of each page. These menu options are all run vial the Gallery Update page which will display fields appropriate to the option selected.

When you go into the albums within the gallery a back arrow <== will appear immediately under the gallery menu. You can use this to go back to previous pages within the gallery. This will help to ensure that the gallery update script can properly keep track of which album or photo you are trying to update.

Immediately below these options is the album or photo title and description. For photos and for albums where all of the photos are owned by the same person the owners name will also be displayed.

example of an album containing a couple of thumbnail images

Both albums and photos will be initially displayed as thumbnails with the name of the album or photo displayed under the thumbnail. For albums the number of photos in the album will be displayed above the thumbnail. For videos the text Video will appear instead of a thumbnail.

Click on the thumbnail or link to open the album, photo or video.

example of a photo displayed in the gallery

When a photo is opened it will be displayed at a size appropriate for display within the gallery below its title, description and owner. Both the thumbnail and this version of the photo are generated when the photo is first uploaded. Both of the generated versions are watermarked with a small image identifying the gallery so if either of these is copied and reused elsewhere it can be identified as having been copied from the gallery.

If the owner clicks on the photo on the photo page the original copy of the photo will be displayed. This access can also be given to specific other members (such as your magazine editor) but is not available to others (not even the gallery moderators unless they are given this access separately).

Videos can be added to the gallery by uploading them to YouTube and then using the "Copy Video URL" option in the video's right click menu to obtain the code to paste a link to the video into the gallery. A title and description can be added that are completely separate from any text associated with the video on YouTube itself. If you make the video "unlisted" on YouTube then it will not be able to be found without knowing the URL and so should only be accessible from within the gallery.

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