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This option provides access to print address labels for members who meet selected criteria. The labels are generated as a PDF file designed to be printed 30 to the page on Avery L7158 or equivalent.

As well as being able to produce labels, there are also options which allow for a report listing all those members for whom labels have been/will be produced as well as an option allowing the label information to be exported as a comma separated list (allowing for it to be used in a mail merge for example).

As with most of the reports, Branch Committee may only print labels for members in their branch while Federal Committee get labels for all members.

sample list of possible label runs

There may also be additional options for Federal Committee and/or the Membership Officer to produce labels based on additional criteria.

Labels printed that include both members required to renew and members who are already financial will have the word DUE printed in the top right corner of labels where the member is required to renew. This serves as a reminder to those members who are due to renew.

Where labels are being printed to go on renewal notices the barcode option can be selected so as to help promote having members return the correct form to renew. The bar code contains the member number so that a bar code scanner can be used to scan the member number of the renewing member.

Labels can be produced in two different orders. The default order for the labels is by mail centre. The alternative is to produce labels sorted by the member's last name which will generally be the easier order to use if printing labels for replying to members since having the names is alphabetical order will make finding a given label easier where the name is known.

output type selection

For members of the Federal Committee there is an additional field allowing them to restrict the labels printed to those for members in a particular state.

Note that when printing from the PDF the output must not be rescaled on any way or the details will not print correctly onto the labels.

PDF - to print on labels

sample PDF of labels

or (with bar codes)

sample PDF of labels with barcodes


sample label report

CSV to copy/paste

sample comma separated values to copy/paste

CSV Download

CSV download dialog box

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