<== Introduction


Here is where those not already members need to start. he link in this part of the screen will take them to the new member application processing where they can fill out their application online. Depending on the club there will either be an option to print the application form, to pay online, or both.

Note that the club needs to accept the application and allocate a member number before the new member will be able to access the Member's Area.

Register Your Email Address

Those who supplied an email address when they joined will already have it registered so this option is mainly useful for people with multiple addresses who forgot which one they used. Enter in all the requested information and you will be told whether the email address is the one registered or not.

Only if the member didn't register an email address previously will this option allow them to supply one.


Members can have the system send them a password reset email by entering their member number and registered email address into this form. The link in the email will only be valid for two hours after it is requested.

If the member number and registered email address do not match then no email will be sent. Emails can only be sent to the registered email address.

Note that it has been known for some email providers to bounce emails sent via this option. If that happens then you need to take it up with the email provider as receiving the email is the only way to set a password. The alternative is to ask the club membership officer to change the registered email address to a different email address belonging to you in the hope that you will receive the email there.

Member's Only Login

Enter your member number and password to access the Member's Area. If you check the Remember Me option then the browser will remember your member number so you don't need to re-enter it every time.

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