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Below the membership details will be between one and three sets of notes. The first of these which always appears is "Member Notes". This allows the member to attach up to 5000 characters worth of their own notes to their membership details. The second of these is "Branch Notes". This allows those authorised members of the branch committee to attach up to 5000 characters worth of notes to any member within their branch. These notes will only be visible to authorised branch and federal committee members. The third of these is "Federal Notes" which allows members of the Federal committee to add up to 5000 characters of notes to any member. It is only visible to members of the Federal committee. The "Add/Update Notes" buttons will appear underneath whichever notes that the person logged in is entitled to change. The only people who will have access to update two levels of notes will be committee members accessing their own membership information.

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Entering notes when there is no pre-existing note will insert the note. Changing the content when a note already exists will update the note. Removing all of the content from the textarea and then updating will delete the note.

Any HTML tags entered into the textarea will be stripped out. and if too much content is entered then everything after the first 5000 characters will be discarded.

add/update/delete a note

NOTE that this page does not validate that the member belong to the same branch as the branch committee member adding/updating the branch notes belongs to but as the prior page is only accessible if they are both in the same branch this should not cause any security issues. The notes set by one branch would in any case be visible if the member moved to a different branch.

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