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Membership Overview

This page gives an overview of membership for the past five to six years. The page contains two graphs.

The one at the top of the page shows total number of financial members month by month as well as the corresponding counts by branch.

Suppose for example that your club has renewals due by the end of August and gives members a two month grace period before unfinancial members are presumed to have resigned. The overview might then look as follows with a drop for September (of those members who resigned as well as those yet to renew after half the grace period) and a big climb for October as the rest of the members intending to renew do so before the end of the grace period.

example membership overview graph

The second graph on the overview page shows the total number of members of the club who resigned their membership in each calendar year. This includes both those who notify that they are resigning (assuming the membership officer records them as "not renewing" before the due date or "resigned" during the grace period) as well as those automatically flagged as "resigned" at the end of the grace period.

example resigned and deceased member graph

Note that any member who rejoins after the grace period expires and is reinstated with the same membership number will have their resignation removed from the count. Any who are issued a new number will be treated as if they were a new member.

A second series of bars show the number of members who died during the year while still a member.

The statistics on which these graphs are based are automatically saved by a job which is run automatically on the 1st of each month.

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