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Member's Area Service Plan

As this is basically a membership system, we assume that the person (or people) responsible for maintaining your membership data are suitable contacts for keeping advised as to the status of your service plan with us. Whenever we have anything that we need to let you know about with respect to your plan these members will see a box at the top of their home page after logging in labelled "Hosting Messages". This box will contain one or more messages with respect to your service plan. Not all of these messages will need to be dealt with immediately, some will simply be letting you know what is going on.

The following indicate some of the situations we will advise you about using these messages.

  • A hosting message will be displayed a month before your plan is due for renewal. We would appreciate if you can arrange to pay the invoice to continue your plan prior to the due date. If your account is still outstanding a month after the due date then your member's area will be 'down for maintenance' until the account is paid.
  • We will normally leave your service operating normally if the number of current financial members exceeds your plan limit by less than 10% but will advise you if this occurs. If the number of financial members at the end of last month exceeds your plan limit by more than 10% or the 10% grace is not applicable then you will not be able to register new members until your plan is updated.

Information about your plan will appear on the 'Hosting Plan' page. This information will include:

  • About Your Plan - The number of members your plan allows,whether you have a WordPress site in addition to the Member's Area, the standard price for your current plan if paid for annually in advance and when your plan is next due to be renewed.
  • Plan Status - reports on your plan status duplicating messages that appear on the home page. It will also give an estimated cost for your plan renewal based on the amount by which your membership has increased or fallen.