<== Receipt Printing

Receipt List

This option prints the audit report of all receipts issued since a selected date. Note that receipts that have been generated but not issued will not be included on this report. Also once a receipt has been included on this report it can no longer be corrected via the correct receipt option.

select receipts to list

The selection defaults to two months prior to today's date but any date can be entered in CCYY-MM-DD format to reprint the list of receipts issued since any selected date. Where the "Not Listed" option is selected only those receipts not previously reported on an audit report will be included. The "Listed" option will result in a duplicate of those entries previously reported being produced. Not selecting either will result in all receipts since the date specified being listed. Where a receipt number is entered all the receipts starting from that number onward will be listed.

Setting the "Not Listed" option with a date known to be on or before the last date upon which this report was last run will ensure that all of the entries not previously listed (and only those entries) are included. The amounts of the various types of income can then be reconciled to the actual amounts before passing it all on to the Treasurer. This will ensure both that all the income is correctly included that needs to be passed on to the Treasurer and also that all the monies have been receipted.

displaying the selected receipts

This report acts as the audit trail for the receipts issued by the system. All receipt numbers will be included in the list with those that were cancelled displayed with VOIDED in the name field.

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