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Receipt Printing

This page allows the actual membership cards/receipts to be produced as a PDF suitable for printing.

It also provides access to be able to manually enter receipts for those situations where for some reason the receipt was not generated when the member joined/renewed, a receipt correction option allowing corrections to be made to receipts that have not yet appeared on the audit trail, as well as to the page where an audit trail of all receipts issued since any selected date can be printed and also to the dissection report.

form to create receipts

All the pages in this section display the same menu but with the entry corresponding to the current page in italics.

To print those receipts that have not previously been printed select Not Issued and press the Create Receipts button.

To reprint a receipt for a specific member (including receipts for any family members) enter their membership number and press the create receipts button.

If you enter a receipt number (and optionally select issued or not issued) then all receipts from that number onward will be (re)printed. The from receipt field will be ignored if a member number is entered as only the latest receipt issued to a member will be printed.

The exact format of the receipts to be printed to a PDF can be tailored to meet the requirements of individual clubs. There is no standard receipt layout.

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