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Login Page Messages

This page allows you to add one or two paragraphs of text at the bottom of the login page for members to read before they login. These messages are only displayed when the send field is set to Y so you can retain or set up a message in the page for future display.

Reminder Email Settings

This page controls the sending of reminder emails to members who haven't opted out of receiving them. Reminder emails can be sent on up to four different dates. Each of these four dates has two values associated with it a send field that can contain Y or N to determine whether or not reminder emails will be sent on the corresponding date and a text field that contains the first paragraph of the reminder email to be sent.

example of one of the several variable text setups for renewal reminders

The rest of the email is hard coded (apart from substituting their member number and email address). Note that different clubs may use different wordings for the hard coded part.

To obtain a copy of your renewal notice please visit and press the "Renewal Form" button to display the form so that you can print it or select "Renew Online" from the same page to process your renewal online immediately via Paypal.

If you do not wish to receive any more email reminders when your renewal is due please visit and check the Opt Out box.

If you are not logged in to the Member's Area at the time of trying to access one of the above pages then you will be asked to log in first.

If you have never accessed the Member's Area before or you have forgotten your password then please click on the following link to have a new password emailed to you -

The values added to the end of that last line of the email will trigger the same processing as if the member had filled out the lost password form and selecting that link will result in their being sent another email to get a new password.

When the Send field for the appropriate month is set to Y emails will be sent in small batches at 15 minute intervals to anyone where:

  1. there is an email address recorded on their membership record.
  2. Their membership is due for renewal this year.
  3. They have not opted out of receiving email renewal reminders.
  4. They have not received an email reminder in the last few days (so that those sent a reminder in one batch are not sent another reminder later the same day).

Where the Send field for the appropriate month is set to N no reminder emails will be sent for that run.

Cron jobs are set up for each of the four days to send the emails in batches every 15 minutes. While the reminder.php script that the job calls will therefore run 96 times on each of those four days the script will end immediately if the Send field is set to N or there are no more members who meet the above criteria.

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