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Past Member Lookup

This option functions very similarly to the Member Lookup function with the following differences.

  1. The function does the lookup on the oldmember table instead of the member table. The member table contains current members and those that have resigned in the current year. The oldmember table contains those members who have resigned in past years and deceased members. Note that how far back you can go looking for past members online depends on when you started using ClubSite and when you started processing resignations.
  2. The past member lookup allows branch Committee to see any past member regardless of the branch in which they last resided when a member. The actual last address is only displayed when it is in the same state as the Branch and for Federal Committee members.
  3. Any notes associated with past members cannot be updated but will be visible to branch/federal Committee members looking up past members.
the options for looking up a past member

Note that only the membership officer has access to look up members or past members using the invoice number generated and given to Paypal when they started the application process.

The same membership details are presented for a past member lookup as for a current member except that none of the buttons available on the current member screen are available for past members.

The only button providing any update access at all for past members is a "Recover Member" button that the membership officer can use to transfer the member back to the member table. Note that this does not change their membership status and it will be necessary to update the member to change their membership type and end date in order to actually reinstate them as a current member. This option should only be used to recover members who are being reinstated with the same membership number and who will be considered to have continuous membership from when they first joined.

a message displays if the member is not found in the old member table

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