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Selecting this option allows the member to perform a search of the online index of the the main publication and any other publications that have been added to the search index. Note that the individual articles need to be added to the index as that is what gets searched so simply adding the main publication itself will not produce any results that can be retrieved although the publications themselves must be added before anyone with the privilege of maintaining the article index can add the articles.

the publication/article search form

The search field takes any number of words and will return al entries where any of those words appear in the article tile, author, publication, or issue date. The default is to display al the entries that contain any of the words (of 3 or more characters) with the entries containing the most words coming first. The search can then be restricted to require entries to include al words or even the exact phrase. The results can also be limited to those entries in a particular category or of any one or more types.

The actual results of a search are produced with 10 entries per page with prev and next buttons appearing at he top and bottom of results pages where the results go over one page. Where the particular issue is available online the tile of the work will link to the online issue that contains it. Where your publication has been around for a long time and has issues that predate your making it available online these older issues can also be added to the index allowing them to be included in the search even though the members will need to get a physical copy in order to actually read the articles.

For example, if the search index contains several articles by John Brown then a list of these articles can be displayed simply by typing in a search for "brown". As John may have written a large number of articles the list may go on for several pages. The list would also contain any other articles that either were written by anyone named brown or where brown was in the title. Changing the search input to search for "john brown" would find al the references that contain either "john" or "brown" but would place those containing both at he top of the results (unless 'ALL words' or 'Exact Phrase' were selected to limit he search further).

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