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This page allows the specific forums the club uses to be defined. It is based on the original administrator forum add/update option in miniBB but has been expanded to add several extra fields. The membership officer (regardless of their membership number) has administrator access on all forums.

forum add/update options

The Title and Short Description fields define the individual forums while the Super Title field allows you to group forums by placing an extra title above the group - exactly as in miniBB. The icon field allows you to associate a particular colour icon with each forum (also as in miniBB (except that the code for assigning the value by clicking on the icon uses modern JavaScript).

Instead of the up and down arrows for changing the order of the forums that miniBB provided there is instead an Order input field where the order of the forums can be changed simply by typing in the position in the order where this forum is to appear. All of the forums located between the forum's current position and it's new position will be moved automatically. Entering any value bigger than the number of forums that are defined will move the forum to the end.

The rest of the fields have been added to the forum table and automatically update who has what access in each forum (instead of having to manually update files).

Checking 'Single Thread Forum' means that only one thread is allowed to exist in the forum and all subsequent posts must be added to that thread. This allows specific topics to be created as forums so that you don't end up with multiple threads being created on that topic and anyone who subscribes will be emailed all responses.

The access option defines who can see the forum. Normal access means everyone can see it, Branch access means that only committee members can see the forum, and Privileged access allows only those members granted a specific privilege to see it (for example those belonging to a specific sub-committee). Setting Access to Hidden enables the delete button allowing the forum to be deleted.

The Moderator option allows a particular privilege group to be given moderator access on a given forum.

list of forums

The individual forums can be edited using the edit button or deleted using the delete button.

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