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The system provides for online voting for the committee running the club or association. Voting can either be for separate positions (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Officer (if a separate position form the preceding) and general committee positions (of which there can be any number) or alternatively the vote can be president and general committee with the president allocating the jobs. With this latter variant the candidates can indicate the positions they are interested in (or qualified for) and those will be displayed.

Three of the four pages are only accessible to the returning officer. The membership officer needs to give the appropriate member that privilege value.

The system requires a flag to be entered to indicate which of the two voting methods is to be used and the total number to be voted for. Three dates also need to be entered - voting start date, voting end date and the date on which all the votes should be deleted out of the system.

The candidate entry screen is accessible to the returning office prior to the voting start date. The member number of the candidate and a position they are standing for can be added. If the same person is standing for multiple positions then simply enter the same member number for the multiple entries. Any mistakes can be corrected by deleting the entry again.

The returning officer will have access to view the results of the online vote after voting closes and up to the date when the results are cleared. Should any alternative voting method be provided the returning officer can add those votes to the totals from the online system.

The actual voting form will be available to all members between the voting start date and the earlier of either when they vote or the voting end date. The form treats voting for each position as optional. It will allow a member to cast between one vote and the maximum as previously set. There is no provision for a member who has cast fewer than the maximum votes to return and add to their vote.

Note that no distinction is made between financial and unfinancial members - if you want only financial members to be able to vote then you need to select dates where unfinancial members have been resigned.

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