These are the help pages for any club that is using Felgall Pty Ltd's Club MemSite to maintain their club membership and to provide their members with a Member's Only Area. As such not all of the options listed here will necessarily be used by each club using the system. Also many of the pages listed in this help even when they are used by the club will be restricted so that only specific members can access them. In general the pages listed at the top of the list will most likely be available to all members, those in the middle of the list will be available only to committee members, while those near the bottom are specifically for the membership officer/registrar to use to maintain the membership records.

See the change history for information about how this script has been developed.


To see a demo of how the Member's Area works choose a member number between 1 and 29. They all have a password set to password to make it simple to access. They all have a password set to password to make it simple to access. With the exception of member 17 they are all ordinary members and so you get to see what the general membership sees. Member 17 is set up as a 'federal' committee member and so if you log in as that member you will get to see some of the federal and branch committee functionality. There is no member set up as membership officer yet.

Demo Member Area


The Club MemSite script makes use of the following open source scripts without which creating the site would have taken much longer.

  • FPDF used for generating all of the PDF documents that can be dynamically created from Club MemSite. Several of the add on scripts as well as some custom addons of our own are used as well.
  • PHPlot is use to create all of the dynamic charts showing membership statistics.
  • TinyMCE is used to enhance the textareas for both the forum and letter modules.
  • miniBB was used as the starting point for the forum. This has been heavily customised and only about half of the original code is still being used. The rest of the functionality was either not required as it is already provided by ClubSite or has been significantly modified to both modernise the code and better integrate it into the site.

All of the rest of the code making up the Club MemSite script has been developed by Felgall Pty Ltd and some sections of the code used are available for separate purchase. These include:

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