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The core of the Club MemSite system are the options for maintaining your club's membership records. These options are usually available to just the one person within the club (although there's nothing preventing this access being given to more than one member) - the membership officer or registrar (or whatever you want to call the person who maintains the club membership records).sample membership menu

The membership registrar's section of the site allows all of the tasks that are specific to maintaining the club membership records to be performed in the simplest and easiest way possible. Club MemSite was initially built to maintain the membership records of a club having approximately 1300 members and four branches to be easily maintained by the programmer responsible for writing most of the code this application uses.

Note that Club MemSite was originally built for a club where membership is maintained at the top level and so if your club maintains membership at a lower level then there is currently nothing that would prevent the individual membership officers from having full access to all the membership records. It would of course be possible to add an extra access level to cater for that so if you need it please ask.

While only the membership officer has full access to update the membership records the site also provides access for members to update their own membership information where appropriate and selected committee members are also provided with limited access to update some membership information.

Club MemSite supports a two tier club system with the ability to provide different access to the committee members at the two levels. You don't need to have two tiers though in order to use this site though as the second level can be easily turned off.

example committee menuCommittee members can be given access to produce letters on club letterhead, access the membership records of their current and past members, produce reports and labels containing membership information and (once the club has been using Club MemSite for long enough) can be provided with a variety of statistics on the club membership.

sample member update menuOf course most of your members will not see these sections of the site but there is still plenty you can have on the site for the rest of your members.

As well as being able to update their membership information and renew their membership online, you can also provide online copies of club publications as well as providing forums, photo galleries and file sharing facilities to make the site an interesting place for all of your members to visit.

See the change history for information about how this script has been developed.


To see a demo of how the Member's Area works choose a member number between 1 and 29. They all have a password set to password to make it simple to access. With the exception of member 17 they are all ordinary members and so you get to see what the general membership sees. Member 17 is set up as a committee member and so if you log in as that member you will get to see some of the committee functionality. There is no member set up as membership officer yet, if you need to see that functionality please let me know.

Demo Member Area