About Club MemSite

Get a member's only area for your club. Felgall Pty Ltd introduces Club MemSite - a membership area customised to suite your club hosted by us.

So what can you expect your Club MemSite member's area to include?

For all members access to publications and sharing facilities:

  • Secure login where you control what the different members can access.
  • Pages where club publications can be accessed electronically. A facility to index these publications so that an online search can be performed. Also for the main club publication, email reminders whenever a new issue is uploaded.
  • Any member can upload documents to share.
  • A forum allowing members to ask questions and share information.
  • A gallery where members can upload albums of their photos to share with the other members.
  • A page listing all of their membership details and providing them with the ability to make corrections to much of the information.
  • The ability to renew their own membership online through Paypal.
  • Reminder emails to those required to renew where an email address is available and the member hasn't turned the option off.

For the committees running the organisation detailed reporting and statistics:

  • Two levels of reporting - allowing for branches within the club where the branch committee can see data relating to their own members while the committee running the entire club can see the data for all members.
  • Two levels label printing.
  • Statistics on the entire membership and branch by branch (once enough membership data is collected to generate them).
  • Member and past member lookups that provide access to the same member detail options the members can see.
  • A letter generator and storage system allowing letters to be produced and saved.
  • Counts of how many times the various magazine issues have been accessed (and the ability to reset the count at any time)
  • For the committee running the entire club, the ability to control member access and to view payment dissection and membership expiry statistics.
  • Payment dissection and payment logs so that the Treasurer can track payments.

For the Membership Registrar a full membership control system:

  • Facility for adding new members in three ways - approving those who signed up and paid through Paypal, confirming the details for those who filled out their application online but sent it on paper with their payment, and entering the details for those who filled out their application on paper and sent that with their payment.
  • Ability to print new member application forms.
  • Ability to update any of the membership details for a member including those details that the member themselves has no access to change.
  • Renewal processing option that allows most renewals to be processed by entering the member number and pressing a button - including renewing an entire family at once.
  • Reports showing the list of members who renewed themselves online and a similar report of those whose renewals were manually processed since the beginning of the year.
  • Ability to print individual copies of renewal forms (to have labels attached) or to print renewals for everyone yet to renew with their details pre-printed.
  • Ability to change the wording on sections of the renewal form to produce up to four different versions depending on how early or late the person is who is renewing.
  • Receipt printing and audit trail
  • Manual receipt entry
  • Receipt update option so you can correct a recently generated receipt where you made a mistake in the processing
  • Upload new member and renewal pricing for each type of member.
  • A reminder system where they will receive monthly emails reminding them of all the tasks they need to perform that month.

For selected club members:

  • Access to upload new publications.
  • Access to update the publication index to add new articles to the possible search results.
  • Ability to post to the general blog that appears on the member's area home page letting members know what has been added.
  • Moderator access on the forums and gallery.

In the back end (where I can customise your site to meet your requirements:

  • Access control system that determines what access level is required to access what pages and what appears in the various menus.
  • Membership control system allowing the types of members to be defined
  • Report and label definitions allowing new report and label formats to be defined.
  • Additional options that allow me to define how your particular copy of the site will look and function.