The following is the current pricing that applies to all clubs. Note the special offer for smaller clubs lower down on the page.

As there are still not very many clubs using this system, your club may have slightly different requirements to the other clubs using the system that are supposed to be supported but are not. Should you find a bug where the system doesn't work for your club that we can't fix within five days of when you advise us of the problem then we will give you an additional two months free.


  • Loading current members name and address details - $110 (including GST).
  • Loading past member details - price on request.
  • Loading membership statistics - price on request.
  • Loading club publications - $11 (including GST) per 50 PDFs (or part thereof).
  • Loading publication index - price on request.

Note that where your Club MemSite hosting is paid in full for the first three years at the time of signing up then the charge for loading current member name and address details will be waived.

Hosting of your Club MemSite

  • $110 (including GST) per year per 100 members or part thereof. Note that a minimum fee of $165 (including GST) applies for clubs having under 100 members (ie. the minimum fee covers up to 150 members).
  • $825 (including GST) per year per 1000 members or part thereof.

Prices based on number of members at the start of the period. Provided membership does not increase to more then 10% more than the number of members paid for during the period then no additional charge will be applied to the current period. (eg. if you currently have 170 members then the fee is $220 and you will only be charged extra if your membership goes over 220 members by the end of the year).

Refund Policy

Pro rata refunds will be available based on the cost of that portion of the hosting period provided. Note that the setup charge will not be refunded after setup has commenced. Part years used will be charged at $11 (including GST) per 100 members per month (or part thereof). Note that the per thousand reduction does not apply to periods under a year.

Note that all prices are quoted in Australian dollars including GST for clubs resident in Australia. If your club is based outside of Australia then you can deduct 1/11 from the prices shown provided payment is made in Australian dollars (via Paypal or cheque from an Australian bank).

Special Offer for Smaller Clubs

The above pricing may appear expensive if your have a small club and so the following offer is being made to help out those clubs with under 200 members to avoid the cost of additional charges for the public part of their web site.

We will provide you with a public web site consisting of a WordPress blog and bbPress forum using the theme of your choice and if you pay for Club MemSite setup and have the public site set up at the same time then we will set this up for you as well at no charge - meaning that the only additional charge on top of the above fees for Club MemSite will be whatever it costs you for your domain name. This means that small clubs can get both Club MemSite and a public area for their site at about the same price as they'd pay elsewhere for a hosting account without Club MemSite. Note that you must pay the Club MemSite setup fee (or pay for three years so as to have it waived) and have the setup done at the same time or a $55 (including GST) setup fee for the public WordPress/bbPress site will be charged.

Clubs with more than 200 members can take advantage of this offer for an additional $55 per year (this charge will also apply if a club that had fewer than 200 members when they took up the offer grows to more than 200 members). The setup fee of $55 (including GST) will always apply where a club has more than 200 members at the time of setting up the site.

Branches that Don't Need a Member's Area

If your branch has membership looked after by the main club but you still want a web site of your own then you can still take advantage of the same public web site offer as mentioned above except for a slightly higher annual fee of $110 (including GST). The setup fee will be the same $55 as for larger clubs using Club MemSite who also want the public site.

Note that this offer is available to club branches even where the main club doesn't use Club MemSite. The identity of the main club of which yours is a branch must be identified when requesting this option as the offer is only available to recognised branches of recognised clubs.