Membership Officer / Registrar

The core of ClubSite is the membership system and so the Membership Officer or Membership Registrar (or whatever you call the person who looks after the club membership) is the member who has the highest level of access within the system. The core options that only they have access to are the ones that allow them to perform the task of maintaining the membership records in the most efficient manner.

Note that all of the menus in the ClubSite system can be customised for your club so the exact options listed may not be completely identical to those mentioned here.

Add New Member

This option allows the registrar to perform a range of tasks associated with new member applications. At the top of this page are three links. The first of these allows the registrar to process new membership applications manually. This allows the club to distribute printed application forms which the registrar can process when they receive the form and associated payment in the mail. The other two links allow the application forms for memberships ending in the current or next year to be printed for manual distribution.

Note that the new member application form itself is one of the things that will be custom built for the club as part of the setup fee. You can have your current application form replicated and the software will simply substitute the new dates and prices into the form for you.

The next section on the new member page is for processing new members who have paid using Paypal. The online new member application process allows potential new members to enter all their details online via an HTML form and then select whether to print out a pre-filled copy of the application form or to proceed to pay for their membership using Paypal. Those who pay using Paypal have their applications show in this section where the registrar simply needs to press a button to accept their membership and have the captured information transferred into the current membership records.

The third section on this page is for processing the applications from those new members who filled out the application online and then printed it. A code number on the form can be matched to what is displayed on this page to confirm which application form with payment has been received so as to transfer the information that was entered when the form was first filled out into the current membership records without having to manually re-enter it.

The final section of the new member page lists pending Paypal applications. Depending on where Paypal is getting the money from , payments are either processed straight away (from Paypal balance or credit card) or may take several days to actually clear (from bank account). The system will only place new members who paid using Paypal in the Paypal section once their payment has actually been processed. This section primarily allows you to see what payments new members have made that are still pending (so you can respond appropriately if they query what is happening with their application). Since computer never work perfectly all the time there is also an option here for processing the application of the entry is still listed here after the payment has cleared.

Update Member

This is the spot where the registrar can update all of the membership details associated with each member. The member to be updated will usually be selected via their membership number but for those who don't supply that number when requesting corrections there are also options for selecting the member by part of their last name (you get a list of all the members whose last name includes the entered value to choose from) or via the invoice number from their Paypal renewal.

update member screen

This page also provides access to all three levels of notes that have been added to the member (by themselves or by committee members of either of the two layers of committee that the system supports). This is the only place in the system where all three can be accessed and updated. Each member usually only has access to update their own member note and other committee members at each of the two levels only have access to update the note at that level (and their own personal member note).

This page can also be used to specify which privileges that members allocated an access level higher than Normal have available to them. Privileges that can be set can include access to specific reports, moderator access on forums or gallery, access to update the publications index, or to identify members of sub-committees.

The registrar also has the ability to tag members so that a report or labels can be run specifically including just those tagged members. Once the report or labels have been produced the registrar can then clear all tags ready for the next time they are needed.

There is also a link providing access to the letter module.


This page provides a quick way to renew whole families of members in as close to a single click as can be done. Simply enter the member number off of the renewal form and click GO. The member to be renewed will then be listed with the most likely renewal option selected. If the information displayed is correct then simply click on Renew and that member (and family members if appropriate) will be renewed for the specified period. If the period they are renewing for, the amount they are paying, or their payment method are different from the most common option then these can be changed before pressing Renew. It is also possible to add a comment to the receipt when renewing the member.

renew menber screen

The menu this page displays also provides access to other things relating to renewing members.

The renewal form like the new member application form is customised for your specific club. The form will automatically have the dates and prices substituted automatically based on which year the form is for. There are also a number of fields on the form that can display different text at different times so as to allow reminder forms and late forms to read differently from the original.

Various versions of the renewal form either with a box where the address label is to be attached or whole series of forms with the addresses already pre-printed can be produced using the various menu entries.

There are also options in this menu for changing the text to appear on the renewal form for up to four different versions of the form as well as to update part of the text for email reminders that can be optionally sent to members who have supplied email addresses.

Another option on this menu can provide a list of all those members who renewed themselves via Paypal and who therefore didn't need to be manually renewed.


To speed up the renewal process the receipts for all of the members you have renewed manually as well as the receipts for all new members get printed in one go after you finish processing all of the renewals in a batch. Those who renewed themselves using Paypal can get their receipt for themselves after they renew so those receipts are omitted from the receipt run.

This option also provides a list of all the receipts (including those for Paypal renewals) can then be produced as an audit trail of all of the payments received. There is also an option for dissecting these payments by branch and payment method.

This option also includes pages allowing for manual receipt creation as well as for updating or voiding a receipt. Note that updating or voiding can only be done before the audit report is produced.

Update Member Fees

The final option in the core section of the membership processing section accessible only to the registrar is the facility where the membership fees for the various types of membership can be set and changed. Once a year the option to copy the fees from the current year to next year needs to be run and the fees for that year can then be updated if necessary.