Getting Started

In order to set your club up to use Club MemSite we first need to obtain a few pieces of information from you about your club. We will use this information to set the initial values needed to get your club established on our software. Note that there will be plenty more things that will also need to be supplied in order to get your site ready for your members to use but the following will be sufficient to get the site online where you can see what is available before entering into further discussions about changes to customise the site to your exact requirements.

First we need a few general pieces of information about your club:

  • Club Name
  • Club Short Name
  • Title for Membership Officer
  • Main Publication Name
  • Publication Short Name
  • Default Country

There are also two custom fields that your members can set. We will need to know what you want to use these for. The first club to use this software uses them for "Modelling Interests" and "Occupation" and so you may find them referred to using those names during the upload process. There is also one custom field associated with the members that can only be set by the membership officer.

We need to know which payment methods your club allows to be used. Examples of payment methods the software supports are Cash, Cheque, Money Order, Paypal.

You get to choose what membership types you allow your members to have. For each type we will need to know:

  • Code (up to 3 chars)
  • Description
  • Required to renew or not
  • Multi year renewal (number of years)
  • Which types are Honorary, Student, Family

We will also need to know which is your primary membership type (the one that student members swap to when they no longer qualify as students) as well as the renewing and honorary family membership types. For student members we will need to know the minimum and maximum ages that you allow. Finally regarding membership we will need to know your renewal schedule - do all members need to renew at the same time or is it on the anniversary of when they join? Also do members joining throughout the year pay the same rate as new members or does it depend on the time of year?

Once we have received the above information and done the initial configuration for your site we will send you a CSV file that you can load and return with the information about all of your current members. Once we load this the first phase of your site configuration will be complete and you will be given access to the new site.

There are plenty of other things on the site that can be configured and we will discuss these additional configuration options with you once you have access to your new site.

To Help You Provide the Info

Here are some pages to help you to provide us what we need for the initial configuration of your site.

  • Setup Data - Information we need to know to start setting up your site
  • Sample page texts - parts of some of the pages can be reworded to suit your requirements.
  • Your membership data needs to be provided as a CSV file - and instructions on how to fill it out.
  • The terms define who is responsible for doing what.

Contact Us to get started.